Monday, January 11, 2010

Jessica's Book Blog

So one of my favorite cousins (God blessed me with a bunch of really awesome cousins) has a blog of her own, and offered to share it with us....
First, I will tell you, with all the love in my heart, Jessica is the defintion of a book nerd. She's laughing as she readings this, so are you if you know her, because it is dead on. Any way, she has put this reading ridiculous amounts of books to use for many. She has a blog that rates books for you to decide if it isi something you want to read, or allow your teenagers to read. I checked it out @ and have found she has reviewed not one book I have heard of, but then again my "books" come in the mail, or racks at the grocery store, and have titles like "Parents", "Family Fun," or "100 home decorating ideas for under $100".
However, if you are into reading that which Jessica calls a book, check out her site. Many books are romance or fantasy books, and she rates them according to their graphic nature. A great reference if you want a clean book, with a little romance, or a less clean book for that matter. Thanks Jess for sharing this love of books with us!

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