Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mail in Rebates.......

I suggest you maintain a knowledge of avaliable Mail in Rebates or MIRs'. I have 3 that I am mailing on Monday, but there are a number of the out there for you. Staples has simplified there mailin rebates, so now you can do easy rebates online. I bought 2 reems of copy paper from them thisweek, and my total was 10 and some change. I came home and did the easy rebate within an hour of the purchase and they have $8 coiming back to me......Worth it, I think so. Hersheys has one that looks fun. Mail in your complete Reese's PB cup wrapper (or a special dark, York, or Almond Joy wrapper), and they will mail you back a package of pieces. I am starting to enjoy the games or couponing and seeing how to twwek my purchases just a bit to get the best value. At Smiths and Albertsons this week I spent about $60, and saved $ joke. That doesn't include the few rebates, I dont count them until I see the money from them. Enjoy the savings! Anyone else have great saving? Leave me a comment will ya?

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  1. I watched a special on TV not too long ago where you can get free food from beer companies. It is illegal in the state of Utah to require someone to buy alcohol so check the beer section for coupons for buy one 6-pack and get a bag of Doritios for free. Especially with the Super Bowl coming up, they will have a lot of specials like that posted.