Sunday, January 3, 2010

Any favorite blog or Site?

Tell us about your favorite sites for saving money, and self-relience. Share with us, and I will do a giveaway. Just tell me who you are, and what your favorites are. If someone else mentions your fav, still tell us, then we will know may people have success with that site. Coupon Mom is a good one (link on the right), another one I like is Ebates. Ebates is so easy, although I haven't got my first check yet. All you do is sign up, connect to THOUSANDS of your favorite store through Ebates,and they give you a percentage of your purchase back in a check. They also have coupon codes andd secret sales for stores as well. Links are on the side. My giveaway si your choice of a scentsy bar. I will choose the winner next Sunday the 10th.


  1. I love the new site! I kept meaning to post and let you know but I am slacker so I am now just getting around to it. If you wanted to add my book site to your list, moms would know safe books to try out from the library. It's up to you but keep up the good work. I just wish I was closer to participate in the freecycle program. :)


    is a community avaliable for swapping baby clothes or scentsy bars or anything you have and no longer want! :)

    Love it!