Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Best way to Save Money

Ok it's sunday so here it comes, the best way for me to save money pay tithing. I know to some it sounds clique (is that how it's spelled?) but for me it has proven true. This is why. The blessings of obedience aside, tithing requires a sacrifice. So lets say tithing is not something you can or want to contribute to, I recommend finding a worth while cause (my favorites are always local, such as your local NICU, womens and childrens justice center, or homeless shelters, but there are also medical research causes that are great like Susan G Komen or Cistic Fibrosis research,etc. etc. etc...)and commit to contributing a specific amount every pay check. What this does is cause you to budget your money, and as I said, sacrifice. Be sure to get a receipt ( I cannot spell today)for tax write off purposes. Whether you believe in God or carma or whatever, I bet you agree in what goes around comes around. Most people pick a cause because it is important to them, tithing for example is important to me because the funds go back to the members (our leaders dont get paid) for different things we believe in. If you coontribute to a justice center, it is likely you have had close dealings with victims of DV. More people than I evr realized have had NICU expiriences, as I have, and then realize the need for contribution there. I also encourage you to get your children involved. Explain to them why they pay tithing, or help them choose a charity they would like to help. My kids love knowing how there dimes and pennies help out.
Remember to be reasonable. With tithing, we pay 10%. If you have fallen on hard times and dont have an income, then dont try to contribute else where. If you make $100 dollars, and contribute to the food bank $10, they can turn around and help you out with the money you contribute, and with contributions of others, because they have a way to stretch the dollar. My last recommendation, choose a non-profit organization. You dont want to find some save the children fund, only to find out that 40% of your donation goes to paying employees. For more info about tithing, or anything else in this post. Leave a comment. Also if you agree with this post, let me know, if you have an expirience in this area you like to share, do it!

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