Saturday, January 2, 2010

Old Furniture

I am looking for old furniture, that I can give a new life to. If it's a dresser, even with broke drawers, or bi-fold closet doors no longer being used I am on the prowl. I f you or someone you know is getting ride of anything, let me know. "Upcycling" Old items into something new is an excellent was to save money, as well as have some unique furniture. Ir you are looking for anything, be it furniture, a microwave, or size 10 cowboy boots, lets hear about it. As I pray my house sells, I am sure I will be dying to get rid of some of my extra stuff, but may overlook something. Or I may go to a yard sale or something and find it for pennies for you.


  1. Andee, what a great idea and thanks for the shout out!! I'm sure I'll contribute to your blog at some point in time :) If you want me to Customize this blog for ya with buttons, and all let me know I'd be happy to!!

  2. I am looking for a table lamp. Or a free standing lamp. If anyone is getting rid of one, let me know!